I'm a personal trainer and professional dancer. My job is to help you love your new healthy lifestyle and feel confident in the skin you're in.

Hi, I'm Catherine

My background as a dancer and all-round fitness enthusiast has been built on the love of moving, and the way living a healthy life makes me feel. My passion is empowering others to find the same freedom and joy while taking care of their bodies.

But how?

I know what it's like to feel lost and confused in a sea of information. I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re not good enough, or doing enough. I’ve realised that in order to look and feel our best we need to address our health holistically. My passion is to empower women through movement, healthy thinking and habits.

I want you to break free from the societal pressures of what it means to be healthy; find your own flexible, and freeing exercise style; join a group of like-minded women all encouraging you to create a healthy lifestyle; and create change at a pace that you're in control of.

That's why I've taken everything I've learned over years of practice, training, and coaching others and created my signature online transformation course: Humn'

How does it work?

Humn' is an online transformation programme. It is the culmination of over eight years of experience in the fitness and dance industry, training and helping many women. Humn' gives you the ability to be flexible with your exercise and lifestyle. I want to empower you to take care of your health and well-being. I want you to be free from societal pressures and begin to love yourself for the unique and incredible person you are.

When you sign up to Humn’ you get an eight-week programme with easy to follow training and nutrition guides. You also get access to my support and guidance for 6 months.

You choose the package that suits you best, sign up and get started!

Humn' packages

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