I was born and raised in a small town called Wanganui in New Zealand. At the age of 18, I moved to our capital city Wellington to study commercial dance. I wasn’t always the confident, fit, strong women I am today. It’s taken me years of patience, education and kindness to retrain my thoughts and behaviors to form a lifestyle I am proud of and want to share with others.


After leaving dance school I spent a year and a half traveling and dancing abroad. Dancing will always have a special place in my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad sharing my passion for dance and learning new ways of moving. However, there was always a part of me that craved to help people in a greater way. I missed my home country, and I wanted to transition into the fitness Industry, settle down and keep dance as my hobby.


Due to my natural competitive and perfectionist nature, I did develop some very unhealthy habits to ‘look good' along the way. I have been too thin, overweight, I’ve overeaten, undereaten, exercised incessantly and just been plain lazy. In my youth, I tried all the fad diets and have fallen victim to ‘promise the world’ deliver disappointment magic pills and plans. I know how it feels to be obsessed with counting calories, hating your body and desperately wanting to know how to ‘lose weight.’ I’ve felt all the frustration how nothing you do seems to work or stay permanent.


After all of the frustration with a trial and error approach to exercise and nutrition, I set about to research and educate myself. I gained insight into what truly does and does not work and gained an understanding of the power of the mind and how directing our thoughts sets us up for success. The system that I deliver works for both my clients and myself. We all want to have the benefits of looking and feeling the best without the craziness or having to sign away our social life. I believe in having a well-balanced lifestyle that is not restrictive or extremely laboursome. I think it’s important to listen to the demands and needs of your body while still working as hard as you can within your own personal parameters.


My mission in business and in life is to share how I have struggled and overcome these barriers so others can experience the same freedom I have. I’m the girl you come to when you’re finished with quick fixes and want to overhaul your life and commit to a long-term, long-lasting lifestyle change. I can guide you every step of the way, you just have to take the first step.



My job is to meet clients where they are and work with their already established lifestyle and find ways to optimise and fine tune their everyday activities to ensure what they are doing is working towards their ultimate health goals.

I LOVE movement, it is my passion to see people moving in whatever way suits and serves their body. I use my technical knowledge to coach clients through a variety of exercises and draw from all movement styles.

I am a big believer in respecting the body and all the elements of fitness such as mobility, fitness, strength, balance and flexibility. I place a big importance on learning the fundamentals well such as awareness of core / bracing, breathing, compound lifts and correct posture then we can begin to have fun and challenge a client with more functional and demanding exercises if they wish to.

Above everything sessions are always somewhat enjoyable and adaptable to how my clients arrive to the gym. I wouldn't do a HIIT session half asleep so I wouldn't expect a client to either.



Exercise doesn't have to be a bore. Our bodies move in so many ways, I draw from my dance and sporting background and incorporate functional movements into your session in order for you to reach your goals.


Mindset is key. I will push you through the mental roadblocks and help you redirect your mindset for success. I do this most effectively during nutrition coaching. I share my personal tips to overcoming barriers and use positivity as a catalyst.


Feel more energetic while losing weight!

It is so important to fuel our bodies correctly, so I offer nutrition coaching using the Precision Nutrition system. I have a great list of Nutritionists I can refer any client who needs more help to. The key to enjoying food is becoming educated on all of the wonderful health benefits.


Finding other people who are like minded and on the same journey supports us when we plateu. We create community through online groups as well as making real friendships in and outside of the gym.


I've invested my time in health and fitness education so I can share that knowledge with my clients. My clients can be confident that their workouts are structured so that the time they spend at the gym is used efficiently and effectively.


Once you know the basics exercise can be a lot of fun! I design sessions to be interactive. While there are some very serious aspects to lifting weights I try to keep sessions up beat so you can almost forget you're working out.


  • Bachelor In Performing arts (commercial dance) - Whitireia Polytechnic

  • Anatomy and nutrition Level 7 papers

  • Certified personal trainer - New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness

  • Certified group fitness instructor - New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness

  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 certified coach

  • Certified ZUU instructor - Bronze

  • Pelvic floor safe certified. - ContinenceNZ

  • First Aid - St Johns

  • REPS registered fitness professional


  • Fat loss

  • Strength + conditioning

  • Body recomposition

  • Core + back strength

  • Posture correction

  • Mobility and stretching

  • Functional movement

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