Nutrition, exercise and well-being resources bundled thoughtfully for you

Humn' is a combination of all the resources you need, to learn how to make sustainable lifestyle habits that respects your already established life.

Humn' is an online transformation programme. It is the culmination of over eight years of experience in the fitness and dance industry, training and helping many women. Humn' gives you the ability to be flexible with your exercise and lifestyle. I want to empower you to take care of your health and well-being. I want you to be free from societal pressures and begin to love yourself for the unique and incredible person you are.

When you sign up to Humn’ you get an eight-week programme with easy to follow training and nutrition guides. You also get access to the membership website for six months.


Hey, I'm Catherine

  • Professional Dancer
  • Certified Personal Trainer with five years in-person training experience.
  • Precision Nutrition certified coach
  • Creator of Humn' Transformation Programme

2022 Humn' Launch video

What's in the program?

  • 6-months subscription to the online membership site, and resources.
  • Self-love tool kit.
  • In App community.
  • Fortnightly email correspondence check ins.
  • App with exercise guides and habit tracking.
  • Eight-week exercise PDF guides - 'At Home' and 'Build.'
  • Additional PDF guides on sleep, stress, self care, mindset and nutrition.
  • Access to online 'Workout Alongside Me' exercise classes (1 new class added every week.)

What will I get out of the programme?

  • Expertly designed workouts
  • Motivation & accountability
  • New friends in our online community
  • Confidence to feel good in the skin you're in
  • You'll learn to love your body and appreciate it, flaws and all

How is this programme different

  • Faith-based health philosophy - Humn' is different in its approach to health and well-being as it takes its understanding from biblical truths and guidance founded from a Christian perspective. Some of the teaching on mindsets and motivations flow from these perspectives.
  • This eight-week program will be capped to 30 women, meaning you will get extra care and attention.
  • I'll be invested in you, helping and encouraging you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This is not just a PDF downloadable guide. I'll be there with you coaching you through it and helping you overcome barriers as they arise.

"Catherine is an outstanding personal trainer, she has changed my experience and perception of working out in a gym. Efficient and body changing workouts in time allocations that’s worked into my day. Catherine is knowledgeable, always has great energy, is personable and non-nonsense. In a breath she can customise the workout to energy levels on the day. Catherine comes highly recommended."

Sonja De Mari | Events Coordinator

"I am not a Gym person and working with Catherine I have learnt so much about technique. She's professional, understanding and super likeable. Catherine has expert knowledge in her field and truly understands my goals. I miss training with her at times. Highly recommend her."

Swati Patel I Teacher

"I've been seeing Catherine for almost 2 years at Bodyform and couldn't be happier with the results achieved. I was so weak when I started and it's fantastic seeing how I've progressed to be much stronger. Catherine always brings her A game to our sessions and is positive in outlook, always trying new things herself and bringing them back to benefit her clients, recognising that exercise is one piece of the puzzle and that health and wellness is holistic in nature."

Bernice Chan | Marketer

"Catherine is a detail oriented trainer. She meets you where you're at and works with you to reach your goals. Love her training technique and patience!"

Hannah Miller Childs | Director of Behemoth Brewery

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird represents the idea of responding to life with joy and lightness, and a quickness and ease adapting to new environments. I hope everyone who encounters this programme and brand can find joy through movement and a healthy lifestyle. That it can be flexible and work with them and their ever changing lives. 

Exercise and nutrition or 'being healthy' should not be a burden or a chore; it should be fun and bring a lightness to your step.

Questions and answers

I really want to sign up but I have an injury or health condition can you tailor this to suit me?

My guides are designed to meet you where you are at, offering different entry points to the training process for people at any stage. They are not personalised to everyone individually however there is flexibility in creating a workout structure and plan. 

What's the difference between Humn' Base, Humn' Bird and Humn' Babe?

Humn' Base you won't receive any 1:1 coaching calls, just the group coaching calls.
Humn' Bird you will receive fortnightly 1:1 call for eight weeks or four calls in total.
Humn' Babe you will receive fortnightly 1:1 call for 24 weeks or 12 calls in total.

Essentially Humn' Bird I will be holding your hand for two months and Humn' Babe programme for six months. Humn' Babe is the right option for you if you know you need ongoing support and you're serious about transforming your mind, and body.

About Humn'

What if I am not a christian, can I still sign up?

Of course you can. You may find some of the material around mindsets and motivation doesn't resonate with you, but so long as you can respect our differences you will still benefit hugely from this programme.

Can I still sign up if I live outside of New Zealand

Yes, Humn' is all done online, so if you have an internet connection you're good to go! Just make sure you are aware of any currency conversions when purchasing your desired package.

Is this a weight-loss program?

Weight loss is not the primary goal of this transformation program. You may experience weight loss as a result of understanding how to take care of, and love your body. This programme is focused on transforming the mind and unlearning toxic diet culture, language and habits. The experience will be tailored towards your goals, including weight loss if that is important to you, however the focus will always be on the other pillars of your well-being such as mental and social well-being.

Membership Website Tour - Humn'

Humn' Options

"An amazing teacher and a dynamic routine that challenged us all! Thank you for your patience and energy and support to make me feel confident and fabulous! This has absolutely been one of my favorite dance classes. Thank you for lending us your talent"

Class participant | ACT 3 Musical theatre dance classes

"Catherine was amazing as my PT when doing joint personal training sessions with one of my friends. She was so knowledgeable and ensured we had all the tools and knowledge as to why we were doing the exercises and the correct way to execute them. Couldn’t recommend her more highly!!"

Dominique Baguley I Travel agent

"Catherine was my personal fitness trainer and dance teacher back in 2018 and I really enjoyed our sessions, she is both professional and empathic and generally awesome to work with. 100% recommend!"

Dana G | Accountant

"I have been seeing Catherine regularly for one on one training sessions for about 18 months. I always look forward to our time together as Catherine is engaging and thorough in her teaching style. She is a thoughtful planner, targeting each session to my particular needs and goals. Her expertise is evident in the progressions I have made with her. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone considering a well rounded approach to their bodies needs, whilst balancing a positive attitude to themselves."

Kirsty Van De Geer | Yoga practitioner

"I was referred to Catherine by my physio to help with breathing and technique on some movements I was struggling with. I have been lifting weights for 20 years but was having issues with breathing and needed deadlift help. Catherine introduced me to a range exercises and techniques which I found refreshing and challenging. Some frustrating because they seemed easy but I found them difficult, which is the point. Catherine is fun, friendly but focused and motivating, I will continue to use her skills to assist my goals."

Matt O'Niell | Director - O'Niell Textiles Ltd

Have questions?

Head over to the FAQ page or book in a free, 15-minute discovery call with me where I can answer any questions and make some specific recommendations based on your personal goals.


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