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Is this just me or do you ever have one of those weekends where you for no good reason completely lose the plot? Wines, chocolate, Mc Donald’s and that’s just the Friday night...

If you do you’re not alone! I used to sabotage my progress throughout the week every weekend until I realised why I kept doing this. I would be so organised, meal prepping, eating well and balanced throughout the week and then the weekend came and I don’t know what would happen it was like

"sweet I’m signing out of the healthy lifestyle thing."

Come Sunday or Monday morning I would feel dreadful and guilty. Begrudgingly I would step on to the scales (which I no longer do) to inevitbly find a kilo or 2 or 3 has crept it's way on. I would then spend hours wallowing in self pity, loathing myself and questioning why I had done this yet AGAIN!, eventually I would dust myself off and refocus.

Now I know I only did this because I wasn’t LOVING the food I was eating, I mean I liked it but I wasn’t being creative or eating the flavours and foods I loved. I was eating what I thought I should be eating. Chicken, brocolli and rice... great...

As soon as I started looking at meals the way I always should have; delicious, filling and nutritious the easier it was to not freak out on the weekends. The more I LOVED my food the less I felt the need to ‘rebel’ from my ‘Diet.’

The most important thing to do if you have a ‘BIG’ weekend is to not stress, or beat yourself up. Just revisit your goals, refocus and get back in the swing of things. If it only happens every now and again it's not going to make a massive impact on your long term goals. It's about what we do 80% of the time not how bad our 20% was. We’re all human we’re bound to slip up and make mistakes just be kind and patient with yourself and keep on learning from your mistakes.

As always if you need more help with anything don't hesitate to send me a message.


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