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Lessons learnt from the year 2020.

As promised here is an abbreviated version of life lessons learnt from 2021. There’s probably a lot I’m missing but these are the key takeaways for me personally.

Health / exercise

Following a tailored plan both exercise and nutrition really works and feels extremely motivating when improvements are made.

I’m still not a morning person.

I generally eat too much sugar and still sometimes in response to emotional eating.

I use exercise as a way of coping, sometimes that has caused injuries because I’m pushing my body too hard and not listening to it. (Sorry body. 😞)


Working over 40 hours a week doesn't enable me to have the time to look after myself. When my time is squeezed the first things to drop are my consistency of eating and exercising and doing the little things that care for myself. This means I need to put boundaries around how much time I’m giving out in every area of my life.

This year is the year self doubt needs to go, I’m over it.

I’ve realised I have so much creative energy bubbling up under the surface I’ve numbed and forgotten for a long time. Partially because it’s painful, partially because it’s scary but this year I’m going to make the time to use these talents! A life without it makes me feel like a part of me is missing.


After committing to regular psychologist sessions I’ve realised I don’t have high functioning anxiety but rather complex PTSD. Investing in this has unlocked many keys 🔑 and reasons why I struggle with low self worth and other things.

I felt the effects of depression this year, (situational) I thrive off passion and energy so to have days and weeks where I had literally NO motivation or energy was really strange and eye opening.

I was humbled by the sheer amount of love people can extend when you need it most. Thank God for community and beautiful humans.


I reignited my love for church and my faith in God. I’ve realised how important this is for everything in my life to make sense.

I’ve met some incredible and inspiring people at church and in normal places who share the same passion.

I really couldn't have gotten through this year without my personal faith and guidance that having faith brings.


Racism exists, it is in the snide comments or glances across the rooms. It’s in the hearts of many men and women and it needs to be exposed and expunged. Everyone needs to take up arms and continue fighting for a truly equal and fair system. Especially here in NZ not just abroad. This is something I personally need to learn more about and am endeavouring to do so.

COVID-19 showed me so many things. The incredible spirit of humankind, the kindness and generosity of everyday individuals. It taught me about resilience, sacrifice and team work. Through this time, I was unemployed looking for a new job so it also taught me how to trust in God and to remain peaceful even when there was chaos all around.

But it also showed some ugly things. Like the greed and the consumerist nature of mankind that has caused the world we live in to be in the state it is. This is again everyone’s job to take seriously. What can we all do in 2021 to be less wasteful and damaging to our planet?

Finally it showed me how life is precious. Family are precious, my grandfather is precious, my health is important, but it’s just as important as yours. We all have the responsibility to look after our own health for our own sake but also for others.

It’s easy to hear about other people’s family experiences, sickness or death and not really understand. When it comes so close to home it should make us realise the fragility of life. Every day we have here on earth is one we should be grateful for and using to make the world a better place. Not worse.

Some of these realisations helped me to define my goals and values for 2021, this is just a general summary. I broke these down into further goals and actions. So they don’t remain a list but actually come to pass:

I’d love to hear about your realisations or any thoughts or ideas to help me! I hope by sharing these inner musings it may encourage you to reflect too. Remember reflection without action is really just ruminating. There needs to be a point, a reaction from the reflection.

Goals and values for 2021:

- Spend time with God every day

- Online business launched

- Upskill in artistic expression.

- 19% Body fat then build muscle after.

- Pay off debt.

- Save.

- Enjoy downtime and rest with friends and family.

4 short term goals for this week:

- 20 hours work towards my fitness business.

- 15 hours creative expression time.

- 5 x workouts - following my own BUILD guide.

- Follow my own nutrition guidelines.

Ok 2021, I'm ready for you. Surely this year has to be better... Right?!

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