This travel guide is designed with minimal equipment, time and space in mind.

If you have some loop bands (booty bands) it will add an extra level of difficulty but it's still effective without it.


What you'll recieve:

6 x Workouts 

  • 4 cardio based workouts.
  • 2 resistance based workouts (one upper body and one lower body + core.)

6 x Video demonstrations of all exercises found through a clickable link.

6 x Dictated videos giving cues and technique tips.

1 x Page of stretches

1 x Fillable accountability planner

Picture references for exercises and stretches.

Tips and tricks on how to navigate holidays so they won't disrupt your fitness goals.



This travel guide should be done carefully and mindfully. This guide should not replace expert medical advice given. This guide is best if you have already worked with a personal trainer, fitness instructor or have a good foundation of fitness and body awareness. It is not designed for a beginner to exercise.

Travel guide

  • This guide will be sent to your email as a interactive PDF. This means you can click on the titles of the workouts to see an unlisted video of exercise demonstrations.

    Size: 6.7MB

    You will not recieve a hard copy.

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