"Gotta love it when you put jeans on you haven't worn in ages and they are loose."

Lael Reed

Sales Representative

"Since starting with Catherine I have gotten so much stronger and able to run again! Not only that but my headaches have subsided, even my massage therapist has noticed the improvement with less tension and knots in my neck and stronger internal back muscles."

Lorelle Parlane

Hair dresser

"Training with Catherine was never the same old boring routine so there was nothing to get bored of. Every week I would show up and it would be a completely new set of exercises. She knows exactly what your body can handle even if you second guessed yourself. A true motivator! Catherine has defiantly kick started my weight loss journey and I am so thankful for that! 10 kgs down and I already have the confidence I wanted when I first started. I can’t wait to see what another 10kgs makes me feel like!" ​

Aimee Leann


"As cheesy as it sounds, training with Catherine is like a complete makeover but I actually get more of a kick from the difference on the inside vs changes in exterior appearance. My energy is always up, I feel elevated mentally and physically and stupid upbeat all the time, my skin is clear and actually glowing, and I'm now a lot stronger and fitter when indulging in my favourite sports that my body couldn't cope getting through before. Appearance wise? I don't look at my curves or lumps anymore with despair, as the muscular development has already 'reconfigured' my body and limbs in a way that I admire on my shape."

Ashleigh Payne

Graphic designer


"I’ve built up my confidence since training with Catherine. I love training, I never would have imagined how fun exercise could be. With her help my mindset has changed about the lifestyle I want, being organised and prepared for my week ahead. I’ve been able to have meals prepped and sessions booked in advance. I’ve also learnt how capable and how strong I am, with a little (or a lot) of support from Catherine I am confident and happy in my own skin. Her training offered something I didn’t even know I needed. It’s not as scary as you think."

Hayley Ngatai

Hair dresser

I love my training sessions with Catherine. 

My workouts are fun and challenging. My program is tailored to my goals and also takes into account which exercises I enjoy doing. While Catherine encourages me to push myself, she is also kind and understanding when I’m not feeling 100%.

Catherine is a wonderful teacher when it comes to technique, giving me the tools to be safe and to avoid hurting myself.

Catherine is cheerful, caring, approachable and very supportive. She is always very professional and well organized.


- training with Catherine for 1 year 8 months


Software engineer

Catherine is an outstanding PT she has changed my experience and perception of working out in a gym. Efficient and body changing workouts in time allocations that’s worked into my day. Catherine is knowledgeable, always has great energy, is personable and non nonsense in the breath and can customise the work out to energy levels on the day. Catherine comes highly recommended.

Sonja De Mari

Events co-ordinator

Bernice Chan

Marketing manager

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